Gypsum Ridge is fully funded by a diverse team of successful investors and entrepreneurs.  This groups provides not only investment capital, but operational experience, administrative know-how, and the support and mentorship to grow Gypsum Ridge.  They have seen it all, experienced it all, and have proved to know what it takes to succeed in business.  More than just investors, this team is a long-term partnership committed to a shared vision of growth and success.  


Institutional Investors

  • Trilogy Search Partners
  • Pacific Lake Partners
  • The Cambria Group
  • Graue Mill Partners
  • Alpine Investors
  • Dixon Midland Partners

Individual Investors

  • Tomas Bergstrand
  • Robert Dahl
  • Will Thorndike
  • Brad Morehead
  • Brian O'Connor
  • Bill and Mark Egan
  • David Dodson
  • Brad Brown
  • Ted McCarthy
  • Badge Stone