So we have very little to pay you with, promise long hours of work, with often mundane tasks. Sound exciting? Still reading?  We hope so, because this is the good stuff. We also promise experience and education like you will find in no other finance or business position. If you join the Gypsum Ridge team, you'll get to touch all aspects of the deal process.  You'll help us screen, find select, value, and conduct due diligence on our prospects. It's great experience, and we promise not to lock you in a room with Excel (at least not all the time).

We also promise to teach you leadership, something far more important that number-crunching. In Finance, and in American business at large, the greatest need is for those who can lead and inspire others. We promise this will be a part of your role at Gypsum Ridge. Finance needs leaders, not those who simply lean on the efforts of those below them. We'll teach you how to be more than an Analyst, Associate or Vice-President; we'll teach you how to make a difference and how to lead.

As a young and growing Private Equity Investment fund, Gypsum Ridge is seeking to add dedicated business talent to our search process. If you are looking to develop the skills required to succeed in Private Equity, we'd love to talk. We promise hard work, mentorship, and a broad range of experiences. Please get in touch with your qualifications.